terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

Our Friendship.

We’ve been friends for so long,

I‘m not talking about years,

I’m not talking about months,

Not even minutes, nor hours.

But at heart.

Every conversation with you,

Makes my world turn around.

I couldn’t be more grateful in life.

Just having you by my side.

Was it destiny?

I don’t know but I’m happy

We’ve been through a lot

There’ve been lots of fights.

Oh, you can mention it.

But we’re still here,

Even stronger than ever

I committed some mistakes,

Yet, you gave me a second chance.

Are you an angel that fell from the sky?

All I can do is lift my head up high.

I can sit down here and write all day,

Just waiting for our time to come.

No one actually holds the future,

All I can do is hope for a better one.

Oh my friend…..

Every joy you said to me,

Made me happy you can’t imagine how.

Words cannot explain what I have to say,

Once again, Let's sit back till our day.

I’m going to be way happier than now.

Just one second sitting with you face to face,

Will make me win the race.

Is being anxious going to make anything change?

If so, then let me be!

No need for any promises.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore.

I’ll just wait and see.

Trusting you isn’t a problem

I know you know that

Oh my friend…..

You don’t know how perfect you are

It’s so sad how you think low of yourself.

But don’t worry,

I’m here to make you aware of it,

Just calm down a bit.

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