sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013

BE, My kingdom.

PS, I wrote this in class...I know I can do better..but, just smile :)

My heart is warm
But I mean no harm
People get me wrong
But I try to stay strong

My message has been passed.
Yet, they still laughed.
It's not my fault, 
That I had to pout

I created my own kingdom
The unknown of freedom
You don't have to get in
If you're known as a human being

To get to know me
You have to pass through BE
BE, my kingdom
The unknown of freedom

But there's one problem
You'll need an emblem.
To get in, 
You can't be a human being

You'll have to be an animal
Specifically, a mammal
With the force, 
Just like a horse.

Thank you for wasting, 
Your precious time, 
Just to read, 
My written rhyme.

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