segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Blood on my hands.

Are you happy now?
You took it away from me,
Do I really have to bow?

The only thing that makes me happy,
The only thing that makes me feel complete
Now you succeeded in making me feel crappy

The pain inside me,
Is breaking me apart
There's no one to run to
Just myself at heart.

I knew it'll come to this one day
It was just a matter of time
But I'll have to commit a crime
As a revenge someday

I'll be running after you
With a rake,
Towards the lake
Just to see you all blue

The sadness you made me feel
The happiness you took away,
The smile you made me steal
They all  came to stay.

Now it's my turn
To make you burn
Just like you did
Sorrow to you I bid
Happiness to you I forbid

Are you happy now?
You turned me into a monster
And I had to bow
As you were the rockster

But it's over my dear
Your time has come near
Too bad things had to end this way
But as I said, they all came to stay.


Ok, so I wanted to continue, but I realised how deep what I was writiing was, so i stopped, haha.
I was very upset when i was writting it, so I just bottled it up on the poem.
I'll try and write a of these

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