segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2013

Attraction, Lust, Infatuation.

When you feel so tired,
Yet you can't sleep,
You put on music,
But you know that is not what you need.

You keep thinking,
Does he feel the same?
Are you wasting your time?
You mention his name.

Rolling on your bed,
Fantasising on things he said in your head,
Meditating on words shared.
Beating yourself on things you've heard.

He doesn't know what's happening to you,
You put on a fake smile and try to be true,
He is not inside of you,
He doesn't know what you're going through.

Yet you get home and lock yourself up,
You get inside your room and cry the hell up,
Yet he still doesn't know
The last words he told you, was no.

All you wanted was to be pampered
But his last word were all hammered.
As a teenager, this is your first time,
You're as lonely as a dime.

Everyday, the same thing happens,
You just sleep and hope the situation lightens,
Every morning you believe your days will brighten
You try to stay positive all of a sudden.

You were never this brave
Always drowned in fear like a slave
But you stood up to him,
However he made your light dim.

You were always pessimistic,
It's time to be optimistic,
You've suffered enough,
He has wasted too much of your time.

We are all humans,
Certain things we feel are all reflex,
We can't control or handle them
It's up to you to not to make things complex.

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