segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

Hope for the better.

You're going though a lot,
But just give it a thought,
This isn't going to last,
Give yourself a chance and forget the past.

I know it's not easy,
But just keep yourself busy.
Give it time,
But don't commit a crime.

Just keep in mind,
You're in my head like a pool of water,
Don't act blind,
It just makes everything sadder.

Give me your hand,
Lets sit in the sand,
But promise me,
You're going to let everything be.

Giving up is death,
Lets make use of our birth.
And get through this race,
Making our lifes a better place.

I'm here for you,
I'm going to prove that, when the time is due.
You have my shoulder,
Just be a little bolder.

'Giving up is death'

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