terça-feira, 13 de agosto de 2013


Whenever I wake up,
People ask me what's up,
Once again, I give them the same answer.
They make fun of me even better.
Hiding my face again, 
They never give me the chance to bargain
But it's fine,
I've accepted I'll never get in line.
This is the society,
It has built up my anxiety.
They made me lose my dignity,
In a way I don't even understand,
I never did anything,
Yet, they brought up something.
My life is stable,
I've agreed I'm invaluable.
It's not like I have any choice,
It's not like I have anything to win.
All they see me as, is a sin.
I picked up the knife in my hand 
Wrapped in my hand like a plastic band,
I don't see any other way,
The same thing happened to me today,
This time, I've decided to try,
A different way not to cry,
Cutting each line of my vein,
Hoping I'll have something to gain,
Maybe smile,
Just for a little while,
Maybe feel happy,
Just for a second. 
The deeper it gets,
The more I can feel.
And when I feel,
The happier I turn.
When the knife is removed,
It feels like a burn.
All those nights and days I've been made fun of,
I remember them,
The deeper it gets, 
And the happier I become.
I turned on the tv,
I saw someone having a testimony,
On how her life is better after she stopped,
I think to myself,
How can this be true?
Because the only thing i feel,
Is a burn,
When the knife is removed...
Locked up in the room,
Cutting till the moon,
Blood filled up the whole place.
Tears run down my face.
I try to sleep, And this time, I could.
The next day, 
I wake up astray.
Cleaning my wounds, and I pick up my jacket.
I walk around, looking all ratchet.
Looking for a sign, that I was wrong,
I see none, but I try to be strong.
Words that don't mean nothing,
Has went a little over board,
Of course, you wouldn't know.
But here I am,
Beating myself to death,
Having no one to remember me of my birth,
But as I said, it's fine,
I know I'll never get in line.

My dear friend, 
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift, 
That's why it's called present
Life comes with no guarantees, 
Life comes with no warnings, 
Life comes with no second chances,
Sometimes, some questions, just don't have answers to them... 

You only live once, but if you do it right, sometimes, just once is enough. Life is beautiful, admire it, don't waste it.

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  1. You are not invaluable.....you are YOU, Phlorence i.e. a flower.

    1. Maybe an invaluable flower? haha lol thanks

    2. Your welcome.

      By the way I am your stalker from ask.com and i should praise you for the poems you write. They are very good.

    3. I am Vivek. the guy under Vrock,,,remember?

      my mail id is : vivekwadhwani55@gmail.com

      use it, if you want. I miss talking to you.

    4. Oh dear, I'm so happy to hear from you :)
      And oh, I will be glad to talk to you outside of ASK!
      I hope you're good

    5. I am good,,,,in fact very Good.

      And I will be glad as well to talk to you out of that stupid site

      I hope you are doing good as well....:)

    6. haha!! why do you call it a stupid site?

    7. contact me on my mail and I will let you know why I call it a stupid site.

  2. I am Vivek. the guy under Vrock,,,remember?

    my mail id is : vivekwadhwani55@gmail.com

    use it, if you want. I miss talking to you.