sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

You never know what's coming.

He was scared of the dark,
But then again, who isn't?
Yet he sat in it,
However brave,
He sat there, having no one,
No help,
Self control was his A+
Not a word came out of his mouth,
He didn't shout
Nor pout,
He just sat there,
Hoping for a miracle.
'Someone will appear',
He assured himself,
But his time was near
He didn't know,
Every second was like a blow.
His nose started bleeding,
He gets alarmed,
His hands are tied up,
So he can't clean them,
He feels useless.
'Men don't cry'
But this time, he broke that 'so called rule'
Suddenly. he looks all blue,
He keeps fighting and fighting,
And just by a second, everything turned blank.....

Have you ever felt pain?
Have you ever felt you've got nothing to gain?
Have you ever felt you've been tamed?
Deprived of being yourself?
So, you just sit there and break apart,
You feel lost,
You assure yourself, you're not seeking help at all cost,
Sometimes, you'll ask yourself, 'Is someone there?'
Can someone hear?
Does someone care?
Sometimes you'll probe,
Other times, you'll give up and sob,
This isn't new,
Now my friend, I bid you adieu,
Don't worry, It's going to be fine,
It's just a matter of time,
Stay strong and take care of yourself.

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