sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

Just you.

Sometimes, it's just too much pressure.
It's hard, accepting yourself as a treasure,
But it's not your fault, people use you, just for their pleasure.
You sit down and weep, as your leisure.

Embracing the reality,
Once again, they had wounded your dignity,
However, you sit back and do nothing about it,
You keep quiet and just sit.

You've  got nothing to believe 
Fortunately, you take that as a relief.
No understanding, nor belief.
You go with the flow as you breathe.

Have you lost hope in humanity?
Have you been laid aside?
Have you broken down way too many times?
Have you embraced the reality?

There's nothing to fight over,
Neither nothing to sober,
All you got to do is rover
At least, you don't have to hover.

All the power you have is to remain silent,
No other choice but to be patient,
But now, there's no reason to lie.
Why lie? When you can die....

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