terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2013


What's in life to gain?
Living in the world of bargain,
Violence all over again,
Dealing with the pain

When shall we be free?
Do I have to count to three?
Or just look at the tree
Some people just go on a shopping spree

Good for them, let them have fun
Going up and down looking all tan
My life so hot no fan
I've got nothing but a can

Living in fear isn't what I opted for
I just wish I could have made a plan before
Tranquility is like a fall
Unfortunately, I can't feel nor touch it.

People so mean and wicked
No heart, no confidence nor timid
Everything seems to be so liquid
I just wish I had a rock to lean on really solid

It's just so hard to fake a smile
But yet so easy to lie
However, I'm going to cope with it for a while,
And make sure life gives me no trial.

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